Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
06 February 2017 (13:46) The lottery system now runs hourly starting 1 hour after server restart.
31 January 2017 (00:42) Double Experience Tokens have been added to the possible lottery prizes available.
26 January 2017 (06:35) Characters will now start at level 8 in a mainland city of the players choice and are no longer required to battle through Rookgaard.
24 January 2017 (11:39) A new NPC who offers a gambling service with dice will occasionally spawn near the Thais or Venore boat.
17 January 2017 (05:35) Fixed mapping error in Carlin Rotworm/Troll caves.
10 February 2017 (03:33) by GM Yodot - Updates

The Lottery system now occurs hourly starting 1 hour after server restart.
The rewards are separated into tiers to keep rare prizes rare.
Some of the possible Lottery prizes are:
  • Piggy Bank
  • Costume Bag
  • Crystal Coins
  • Decorations
  • Mount Items
  • Statuettes
  • Fansite Items
  • Double Experience Tokens (Award 24 hours double experience when used)
  • ... and more.
A new NPC, Gonzalos, occasionally sets up a dice gambling table at Thais or Venore boat. He provides a basic dice game where you can pick high, low or the exact number in 10k stakes.

Rookgaard has been removed and all new characters will start at level 8 in a town and with a vocation of their choice.

All houses are now able to be viewed on the site. This makes finding a house to rent much easier.

IMPORTANT: Due to a bug with blessings last year, existing players level 100 or higher, with a deathlist entry prior to 12th January, 2017 are eligible for a 100k compensation and 1 x Double Experience Token. Message GM Yodot in game in order to receive your compensation.

GM Yodot

15 January 2017 (10:07) by GM Yodot - Fixed the last of the reported

The last of the reported bugs have been fixed, they include:

  • Royal Rescue Quest (Dwarven Legs) has been fixed and can now be completed
  • The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest has been fixed and can now be completed
  • Children of the Revolution greased levers will now work
  • Travel between Kazordoon and Thais via the steamship can now be done in both directions
  • During mission 2 of What a foolish Quest,  the special flask from Bozo will now collect a freshly slain slime
Thanks for your patience. Please don't hesitate to report any further bugs in the forums.

Peace and respect,
GM Yodot.

12 January 2017 (12:51) by GM Yodot - Many Bug Fixes + New Features

I'm back and I've been working on fixing the reported bugs on the server. The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Blessings now work and are bought with the !bless command
  • NPC Irmana will now trade for cloths
  • NPC Alesar now buys Ancient Shield
  • Black Bert now sells items to those that have finished the Thieves Guild quest
  • Amulets bought from Djinns will now have correct charges
  • Terra Amulet reward from Against the Spider Cult quest is now properly charged
  • The piano teleport at Liberty Bay Cultists now teleports those that have learned all 4 verses
  • The Minotaur Task can now be obtained from Budrik after completing his quest
  • The Towncryer no longer spams
  • Travelling Trader quest has been fixed. Those stuck at Snake Eye can now ask him again about the Package for Rashid and they will now have access to the flashing door
  • Both Angus and Mortimer will now accept any Dwarven Pickaxe for the Explorer Society quest
  • Family Brooch from Dwacatra should now be obtainable
  • Waldos corpse will now drop the Waldos Postman Horn in the Postman Missions quest
  • Skull of a Caveman will now appreciate the view in Port Hopes western tower during Unnatural Selection quest.
The following features have been added:
  • Items with extra stats will now randomly drop from monsters
  • Advancing some levels will earn rewards of items, mounts and/or outfits.
More fixes and features to come.

23 September 2016 (11:16) by GM Yodot - Bank Transfers

NPCs will now offer some form of electronic banking. If you want to buy something, they will first check your bags for cash. If they do not find enough money though, they will deduct the missing money from your bank account. You will receive an information about this in your server log.
After tomorrow nights server save, NPCs will not able to add money to your bank account. So if you sell them your hard earned loot, the money will still end up in your backpack.
Some NPCs (e.g. Esrik and Pompan), however, will still require that you have gold on you to buy items.