Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
16 August 2016 (08:33) Added passage to Oramond
07 August 2016 (05:33) Fixed Ron the Ripper in LB Pirate Raid. Fixed Incredibly Old Witch to correctly transform into Donkey.
01 July 2016 (11:07) Shortcut to Diseased Fred added as per SU 2012.
18 June 2016 (07:34) Launched YoDOT:RL 10.77
12 August 2016 (13:49) by GM Yodot - First level 100!

Congratulations to Knightmare for becoming the first level 100 on the server.

May you achieve many more levels.

GM Yodot.

11 July 2016 (19:51) by GM Yodot - Server Maintenance Completed

Server Maintenance has completed. Server is back online.

09 July 2016 (14:01) by GM Yodot - Server Maintenance

Total Expected Downtime (2-3 Hours)
Affected Server:
Maintenance Start Time: Start Time: Monday July 11th at 12:01 AM CST
Maintenance End Time: Start Time: Monday July 11th at 7:01 AM CST

Once the Maintenance has been completed we will have the following benefits added to our service.

  • 100% Power SLA With A+B Redundant Feeds & A+B PSU's
  • Switch Network Capacity Increased to 40Gbps
  • Switch Upgraded To Latest Model Juniper EX Series, Reducing Latency, and increasing capacity
  • Upgraded Core Routers, Reducing Latency, and Increasing Network Capacity

Sorry for any inconvenience.
GM Yodot.

04 July 2016 (10:40) by GM Yodot - Now Listed on

Years of Decay has now been listed on and is considered live.

Welcome to the show.