Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
01 October 2016 (08:06) -Hotfix- NPC's will no longer walk over items with height, eg, crates, boxes, barrels.
25 September 2016 (11:27) Added ability to pass through another player.
23 September 2016 (11:10) Added bank transfer system for NPC trades, as per Tibia 10.94
16 August 2016 (08:33) Added passage to Oramond
07 August 2016 (05:33) Fixed Ron the Ripper in LB Pirate Raid. Fixed Incredibly Old Witch to correctly transform into Donkey.
23 September 2016 (11:16) by GM Yodot - Bank Transfers

NPCs will now offer some form of electronic banking. If you want to buy something, they will first check your bags for cash. If they do not find enough money though, they will deduct the missing money from your bank account. You will receive an information about this in your server log.
After tomorrow nights server save, NPCs will not able to add money to your bank account. So if you sell them your hard earned loot, the money will still end up in your backpack.
Some NPCs (e.g. Esrik and Pompan), however, will still require that you have gold on you to buy items.

12 August 2016 (13:49) by GM Yodot - First level 100!

Congratulations to Knightmare for becoming the first level 100 on the server.

May you achieve many more levels.

GM Yodot.

11 July 2016 (19:51) by GM Yodot - Server Maintenance Completed

Server Maintenance has completed. Server is back online.

09 July 2016 (14:01) by GM Yodot - Server Maintenance

Total Expected Downtime (2-3 Hours)
Affected Server:
Maintenance Start Time: Start Time: Monday July 11th at 12:01 AM CST
Maintenance End Time: Start Time: Monday July 11th at 7:01 AM CST

Once the Maintenance has been completed we will have the following benefits added to our service.

  • 100% Power SLA With A+B Redundant Feeds & A+B PSU's
  • Switch Network Capacity Increased to 40Gbps
  • Switch Upgraded To Latest Model Juniper EX Series, Reducing Latency, and increasing capacity
  • Upgraded Core Routers, Reducing Latency, and Increasing Network Capacity

Sorry for any inconvenience.
GM Yodot.