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05 February 2018 (23:37) Doubleday in Rathleton now offers Communication Breakdown repeatable quest.
05 February 2018 (08:34) Melfar now buys creature products.
05 February 2018 (02:16) The cost of blessings has been halved.
01 February 2018 (11:41) Crimson Sword now has correct stats.
01 January 2018 (05:05) Edron Vampire Crypt is now available to hunt.
11 February 2018 (10:58) by GM Yodot - Liberty Bay Facelift

Tonights server save will see 4 new areas in Liberty Bay.

First, there is the Elder Wyrm Cave under the mountain to the east.
Second, the Quara Scout Cave on the western shoreline of Liberty bay.
Third, the Bonelord Cave on the mid-west shoreline of Liberty bay.
And finally, a Hive (permanent) mini-world change also located on the western shore.

Happy hunting!

03 February 2018 (09:26) by GM Yodot - Oramond

Heavy development has begun on Oramond. At this stage there are still many bugs and the only quest available is Taking Roots (which allows you to earn voting rights to rank up your citizenship in Rathleton with NPC Chivas).

Please stay tuned for more updates and hopefully I'll be opening it up to the public soon.

GM Yodot

17 January 2018 (11:11) by GM Yodot - New Auto Loot function

I have just added a new auto loot function to the server. The usage is as stated below:

  1. !autoloot add, itemId or name -- Adding an item to the list
  2. !autoloot remove, itemId or name -- Removing an item from the list
  3. !autoloot show -- Show the autoLoot list
  4. !autoloot clear -- Clears the autoLoot list
A total of 25 items can be added to the Auto Loot list.

Check this thread for information on looting items with multiple IDs

Please report any bugs in the forums.

GM Yodot.

01 December 2017 (04:00) by GM Yodot - Teleport Rune Quest

A new quest has been introduced which will allow players to obtain a teleport rune. A resident of Thais has more information.

The teleport rune, when used, will teleport you to your home temple. The rune cannot be cast in battle, and has a four hour cool-down.

Also, if you feel liking helping to promote the server, then this is the official thread for the server on OTLand: