20 March 2018 (12:56)
The global money system is working again. This means you no longer have to carry money on you for most purchases as NPCs will take the money directly from you bank balance.
20 March 2018 (09:48)
Removed direct link to Tibia clients and IP changer from the downloads section to try and remove the Dangerous Site warning.
16 March 2018 (03:59)
The Yodot gods have searched the ether and found your missing spells. They apologise for carelessly losing them in the first place.
16 March 2018 (02:40)
Due to rebuilding the server, there will be periods of downtime where the server will be inaccessible. I will try to keep these periods brief and during times when no players are online. Please accept my apologies for any disruption to services.
13 March 2018 (03:50)
The server is transitioning to 10.98. To continue to play, you will need to download the 10.98 client (from the downloads section). Be sure to copy over your hotkeys.
09 March 2018 (08:59)
Asura Palace in Tiquanda has been added.
05 February 2018 (23:37)
Doubleday in Rathleton now offers Communication Breakdown repeatable quest.
05 February 2018 (08:34)
Melfar now buys creature products.
05 February 2018 (02:16)
The cost of blessings has been halved.
01 February 2018 (11:41)
Crimson Sword now has correct stats.
01 January 2018 (05:05)
Edron Vampire Crypt is now available to hunt.
31 December 2017 (12:49)
Forgot something? Nevermind, you can now use the handy !trade command and get your supplies on the go!
29 December 2017 (06:48)
Simon the Beggar and Hairycles should both now be working correctly.
28 December 2017 (16:12)
Two new areas to explore. Medusa Tower and Hero Fortress awaits brave adventurers.
28 December 2017 (12:43)
Santa has finally decided to turn up. Visit him at a capital city today!
21 November 2017 (09:33)
Shop points available to earn in game. See the News for more info.
17 November 2017 (08:17)
Double Experience tokens are no longer active while the character is offline.
13 November 2017 (11:11)
If anyone misses Rookgaard they can now (optionally) create a rookie simply by making a new character and setting the town to Rookgaard!
10 November 2017 (03:06)
Please visit the forums and nominate/vote for who you would like to become senior tutor on Year of Decay.
06 February 2017 (13:46)
The lottery system now runs hourly starting 1 hour after server restart.
31 January 2017 (00:42)
Double Experience Tokens have been added to the possible lottery prizes available.
26 January 2017 (06:35)
Characters will now start at level 8 in a mainland city of the players choice and are no longer required to battle through Rookgaard.
24 January 2017 (11:39)
A new NPC who offers a gambling service with dice will occasionally spawn near the Thais or Venore boat.
17 January 2017 (05:35)
Fixed mapping error in Carlin Rotworm/Troll caves.
17 January 2017 (01:38)
Added 3 hourly lotto system. At three hour intervals, the lottery will award various prizes to a randomly selected, online player.
15 January 2017 (07:32)
The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest has been fixed and can now be completed.
14 January 2017 (06:50)
Royal Rescue Quest (Dwarven Legs) has been fixed and can now be completed.
11 January 2017 (13:07)
Today has seen many fixes/changes on the server. Please read the news for more info.
01 October 2016 (08:06)
-Hotfix- NPC's will no longer walk over items with height, eg, crates, boxes, barrels.
25 September 2016 (11:27)
Added ability to pass through another player.
23 September 2016 (11:10)
Added bank transfer system for NPC trades, as per Tibia 10.94
16 August 2016 (08:33)
Added passage to Oramond
07 August 2016 (05:33)
Fixed Ron the Ripper in LB Pirate Raid. Fixed Incredibly Old Witch to correctly transform into Donkey.
01 July 2016 (11:07)
Shortcut to Diseased Fred added as per SU 2012.
18 June 2016 (07:34)
Launched YoDOT:RL 10.77