21 November 2017 (09:33)
Shop points available to earn in game. See the News for more info.
17 November 2017 (08:17)
Double Experience tokens are no longer active while the character is offline.
13 November 2017 (11:11)
If anyone misses Rookgaard they can now (optionally) create a rookie simply by making a new character and setting the town to Rookgaard!
10 November 2017 (03:06)
Please visit the forums and nominate/vote for who you would like to become senior tutor on Year of Decay.
06 February 2017 (13:46)
The lottery system now runs hourly starting 1 hour after server restart.
31 January 2017 (00:42)
Double Experience Tokens have been added to the possible lottery prizes available.
26 January 2017 (06:35)
Characters will now start at level 8 in a mainland city of the players choice and are no longer required to battle through Rookgaard.
24 January 2017 (11:39)
A new NPC who offers a gambling service with dice will occasionally spawn near the Thais or Venore boat.
17 January 2017 (05:35)
Fixed mapping error in Carlin Rotworm/Troll caves.
17 January 2017 (01:38)
Added 3 hourly lotto system. At three hour intervals, the lottery will award various prizes to a randomly selected, online player.
15 January 2017 (07:32)
The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest has been fixed and can now be completed.
14 January 2017 (06:50)
Royal Rescue Quest (Dwarven Legs) has been fixed and can now be completed.
11 January 2017 (13:07)
Today has seen many fixes/changes on the server. Please read the news for more info.
01 October 2016 (08:06)
-Hotfix- NPC's will no longer walk over items with height, eg, crates, boxes, barrels.
25 September 2016 (11:27)
Added ability to pass through another player.
23 September 2016 (11:10)
Added bank transfer system for NPC trades, as per Tibia 10.94
16 August 2016 (08:33)
Added passage to Oramond
07 August 2016 (05:33)
Fixed Ron the Ripper in LB Pirate Raid. Fixed Incredibly Old Witch to correctly transform into Donkey.
01 July 2016 (11:07)
Shortcut to Diseased Fred added as per SU 2012.
18 June 2016 (07:34)
Launched YoDOT:RL 10.77