Profile: Baconvenience

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  • Sex: Male
  • Level: 83
  • Vocation: Royal Paladin
  • Pork Roast of Foo Fighters
  • Last Login: 18 November 2017 (06:12)
  • House: Haggler's Hangout 3, Port Hope
  • Status: OFFLINE
  • Created: 17 June 2016 (12:01)
  • Achievements

    BearhuggerWarm, furry and cuddly - though that same bear you just hugged would probably rip you into pieces if he had been conscious, he reminded you of that old teddy bear which always slept in your bed when you were still small.1
    Blood-Red SnapperYou've tainted the jungle floor with the Snapper's crimson blood.1
    Free Items!Yay! Finders keepers, losers weepers! Who cares where all that stuff came from and if you had to crawl through garbage piles to get it? It's FREE!3
    GreenhornYou wiped out Orcus the Cruel in the Arena of Svargrond. You're still a bit green behind the ears, but there's some great potential.2
    Honorary BarbarianYou've hugged bears, pushed mammoths and proved your drinking skills. And even though you have a slight hangover, a partially fractured rib and some greasy hair on your tongue, you're quite proud to call yourself a honorary barbarian from now on.1
    Natural Born CowboyOh, the joy of riding! You've just got your very first own mount. Conveniently enough you don't even need stables, but can summon it any time you like.1
    No More HidingYou've found a well-hidden spider queen and caught her off guard in the middle of her meal.1
    Rootless BehaviourYou've descended into the swampy depths of Deathbine's lair and made quick work of it.1
    ScrapperYou put out the Spirit of Fire's flames in the arena of Svargrond. Arena fights are for you - fair, square, with simple rules and one-on-one battles.3
    Total Points:14

  • Death List:
  • 05 July 2016 (09:41): Killed at level 50 by a pirate cutthroat
    and by a pirate corsair.
  • Other visible characters on this account:
    Name: Level: Vocation: Last login: Status:
    Red Race Car 22 Knight 17 November 2017 (13:12) offline
    Rookie Sixx 18 No vocation 17 November 2017 (13:12) offline
    Andruid 12 Druid 17 November 2017 (13:12) offline
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