Profile: GM Yodot

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  • Country:
  • Position: Community Manager
  • Sex: Male
  • Level: 1
  • Vocation: No vocation
  • Last Login: 08 May 2018 (09:16)
  • House: Villa GM,
  • House: Terrain,
  • Status: OFFLINE
  • Created: 17 June 2016 (03:44)
  • Achievements

    Free Items!Yay! Finders keepers, losers weepers! Who cares where all that stuff came from and if you had to crawl through garbage piles to get it? It's FREE!3
    Nightmare KnightYou follow the path of dreams and that of responsibility without self-centered power. Free from greed and selfishness, you help others without expecting a reward.1
    Recognised TraderYou're a talented merchant who's able to handle wares with care, finds good offers and digs up rares every now and then. Never late to complete an order, you're a reliable trader - at least in Rashid's eyes.3
    Total Points:7

  • Death List:
    This player has never died.
  • Address: Yodot