In order to play, you need an compatible IP changer and a Tibia client.

Download otland IP changer from

Download Tibia client for windows from

Download Tibia client for linux from

How to connect and play:

  1. Download and install the tibia client from (if you haven't already.
  2. Download and run the IP changer from
  3. In the IP changer, write this in the IP field:
  4. In the IP changer, click on Settings and then Add new Tibia client.
  5. In the IP changer, in the Version field, write your desired version.
  6. In the IP changer, click on Browse, navigate to your desired Tibia version folder, select Tibia.exe and click Add. Then click Close
  7. Now you can successfully login on the tibia client and play clicking on Apply every time you want.
    If you do not have an account to login with, you need to register an account HERE.