Logo Description Guild data
Boko Haram Total members: 1
Average level: 111
Guild level: 111
Dark Erasers
- Guildhall in Thais and Yalahar. -New players message any of us for help.
Total members: 14
Average level: 95
Guild level: 1338
Dark Omen
Total members: 4
Average level: 139
Guild level: 559
Foo Fighters
We fight the foo
Total members: 5
Average level: 48
Guild level: 244
Mexicanos Al Grito De Guerra
Puto el que lo lea.
Total members: 4
Average level: 31
Guild level: 127
Nigga Got Aids
Msg anyone for invite, english only.
Total members: 3
Average level: 37
Guild level: 113
How can mirror be real if our eyes aren't real?
Total members: 10
Average level: 74
Guild level: 744
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